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Many or our clients get glassy-eyed at the mention of internet marketing.  So let’s work with a better understanding by calling it local business marketing on the internet. It simply means, you want to tap into the power of the internet to find more customers and clients in your local business area.

Before Google’s recent changes, you were competing with millions of websites globally to market your business.  Thanks to these changes, when someone is searching on the internet, Google is detecting the address of their computer (most of the time) in their city, state and surrounding area.

And Google is returning relevant sites locally they think that person might want to see.  It isn’t always accurate but this change greatly impacts marketing for local businesses.  Your site, when optimized correctly, has a far greater chance of being returned.

–Less the billions of results globally you were once competing with. This is huge for local businesses!

…and your site has to be relevant.

Local business marketing on the internet has many facets and strategies.  It begins with your website designed to convert visitors to customers or client with easy access to contactingyou, well-placed calls to action and effectively delivers your message in the best light.  You can read more about our websites designers here.

Your business needs to be optimized in local directories for your industry and other review directories people visit for information.  Your keywords, photos, videos, business description and other important information need to be shown accurately.

If your listings contain conflicting information from adding new phone numbers or moving your location, your listings need to be updated so they remain consistent across the directories.

Social media is a hugely important aspect for local businesses.  Read more about our social media for marketing strategies here.

Search engine marketing strategies and solutions are another aspect of local business marketing that hold the vital key to your exposure to consumers searching for your goods and services.

Search engines read websites to determine what they are about and if they are relevant to a search.  If your site and content are well-optimized for your keywords, search engines will return your site when someone searches for your keywords.

Having your site appear on the page for your main keywords not just one listing but several will increase your traffic so dramatically you’ll finally understand the power of the internet to grow your business and increase profit.

If all this sounds very complicated, don’t fret.  We are happy to explain.  Or, if you are like some of our clients who just want results without taking precious time to learn local business marketing, we’ll deliver those results!

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