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Why Local Online Marketing?

If your local business  has not created a local online marketing strategy, you are missing a tremendous opportunity with huge ROI potential.   Every business should have a plan in place especially right now when timing was never better.  Thanks to Google’s recent changes in Places Pages with more functionality, local businesses have the equivalent of a mini-website, free. And when you consider the statistic that 65% people searching online buy locally,  your own Places Page can change your business.   

As more local business owners become aware of Places Pages and demand set by searchers browsing locally for businesses, competition will grow in every industry online.  A business that embraces new local strategies is the that will receive the lion’s share of customers in their local area.

It was never more true than today – if your business is not visible on the internet, you are giving your market share of business to the competition.

Perhaps you paid handsomely for a website that failed to bring  customers and revenue.  There’s a reason why no one could find you.  You may have the most expensive and beautiful design money could buy yet that won’t impress a search engine.

I know the demanding challenges you face having owned a very successful chain of retail stores from 1989 to 1999.  In today’s world, traditional advertising such as the Yellow Pages, newspapers and other forms of offline advertising are outdated marketing costs.

I put my stores on the internet in 1994 at a time when very few had computers.  Not so today.  According to Internet World Statistics, there are 252,908,000 computers in the USA.

Because we are experts in both offline advertising and online marketing strategies, we have a great understanding of what your business needs.  Take a look at our services off to the right and consult with us on marketing strategies that produce results.  Our campaigns are customized and designed around your marketing budget.

You choose where to begin and we’ll design an online local marketing and SEO strategy to make your business highly visible for keywords that bring traffic and sales.  If all this technical talk has you confused, not to worry.  We’ll help you understand what these things mean.

We want you to flourish in this difficult economic time and you can through local business marketing strategies that brings new customers and clients.  Take a look at Google first page results our clients have received with SEO search engine marketing strategies.

We are native Miamians with a love for our magical city, our community and local businesses; we are committed to your local web marketing Miami success.

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