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Mobile Marketing Miami – Growth In Business

If your business is not taking advantage of the surge in mobile marketing Miami (or any other city) your business is missing out in sales and growth. Text message marketing or SMS is the most direct contact you can have with your clients and customers.

When someone texts your number, your customers receive a message with your promotions and sales instantly on their phone. With open rates of 90% vs. 19-22% for traditional email, it is abundantly clear this is the way to successfully communicate with your market.

Many studies now show that mobile coupons have a redemption rate of 15 to 40% while print coupons are very low at less than 2%. Mobile Marketing Miami clients are seeing a redemption rate closer to 35% of coupon promotions.

When customers sign up for your list, it is by their choice to subscribe to your promotions.  Our mobile marketing Miami clients see a much better response rate because they are expecting to receive a text from you. Catch them on the go with your dinner special or mid-week sale and you’ll have dramatic results.

Mobile Marketing Miami – How Does SMS Work?

We will create a mobile marketing Miami plan by assigning your business a specific keyword that your customers will text to learn about your promotions, sales and specials. Once they text in, they receive a text message thanking them and delivering a coupon or special of your choice. Now they are on your list.

Thereafter, whenever you wish to run a special, a text is mass-sent to everyone on your list. One our mobile marketing Miami clients is a cosmetic surgeon who offers a coupon for 10% off liposuction for texting to his keyword.  He has 3 medical spas that receive specials weekly and their business skyrockets.

Mobile marketing is used for promoting brands, organizations and setting appointments. Doctors, dentists, medical spas – any business that schedules appointments can save money by texting their patients a reminder of their appointment.

Mobile Marketing Miami – Hotels, Night Clubs & Conventions

There really is no limit to the businesses that will benefit from having a mobile marketing Miami text campaign in place. Hotels can text reminding people of their reservations; night clubs can send a text of entertainment or drink specials. Conventions can text important updates upon check-ins or changes in itinerary.

I don’t know of anyone who leaves their home without their cell phone so integrated with their life has this technological wonder become. They use their device 24/7 searching for places to eat, entertainment, checking maps for directions and soon to come, buying through their phone.

Mobile Marketing Miami is the best way today to create brand awareness, customer loyalty and increase sales. With ipads only growing in size, any business who embraces mobile marketing strategies will gain tremendous increases in revenue

Call Web Marketing Miami Today at (305) 775-3533.  Let us customize a dynamic mobile marketing Miami (or any other city) plan specifically for your business that will produce growth in customers and sales.

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