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Mobile Website Miami – The Next Level

Our mobile website Miami clients (and other cities) have come to love how their mobile websites perform and with good reason.  Mobile websites invite quick action and response from visitors.

Mobile Website Miami – Analysis Comparison

Our analysis of our mobile website Miami clients’ traditional desktop sites vs. their mobile sites reveals the mobile version adds outstanding revenue results for their businesses.  By adding a text message to our mobile sites, our clients’ collect leads at an outstanding conversion rate of 20 – 45% from their mobile sites.

Our mobile websites are built separately from our clients’ desktop websites with search engine optimization. We do not use .mobi nor add a plugin that will adapt your site to the mobile user.  A  plug in that adapts a desktop site to mobile viewing is very difficult for the mobile user to navigate.  Mobi sites simply never caught on and search engines pay more attention to a mobile site served from your existing domain.

Our mobile website Miami (and other cities) site architecture is built in such a way that they harness the power of your desktop site yet provide ease and functionality expected on a mobile website.

Mobile Website Miami – Design & Creation

By using browser detection, we’re able to place both sites on the same domain. When a mobile user searches and finds your site, they are directed to the mobile content rather than the desktop version.  The mobile site they see has incredibly user-friendliness and navigation.

The more compact, fast loading mobile site contains the information most useful to mobile users. Once on the mobile site, if they need more expanded information, they have the option to continue reading a fuller version of your information on the desktop site.

When we demonstrate this difference to our mobile website Miami clients, we suggest they view a desktop site on their phone that has not been made specifically for mobile phone viewing.   All will be difficult to read and navigation clumsy and awkward for the mobile phone user.

That’s why it is important that a mobile website be designed and built to accommodate the viewing size of a mobile phone.  You want the mobile user to have ease in taking action on your mobile site or they’ll simply move on to another site in your market.

Our mobile website Miami designs brilliantly reflect our clients’ businesses in a condensed and easy to navigate format.

Mobile Website Miami – Search Engine Optimized

Our mobile website Miami clients experience the best of SEO through optimizing the desktop site that passes the power onto the mobile website.  The desktop site’s backlinks are a sign of the sight’s popularity and authority.  In essence, that authority is passed on to the mobile website.

While much of the SEO power passes from the desktop to the mobile website, we add search engine optimization to our mobile websites through submission to Mobile Website Directories and other strategies that rank the mobile site with authority.

Whether you’re looking for a mobile website design Miami firm or any other city, Web Marketing Miami’s excellence in mobile marketing is clear to see in our clients’ rave reviews.

Call us today for a customized mobile website at (305) 775-3533 or contact us here. Let us show you the power of mobile websites, mobile marketing and business apps.   The mobile website Miami division of Web Marketing Miami will take your business to new levels.

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