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An online marketing video of you and your business is a powerful way to attract more customers and clients.  If you’re like me, you might be camera shy but not to worry.  There are many ways to produce video that delivers your business message.

On October 9, 2009, YouTube announced it had reached one billion views per day.  Now that Google owns YouTube, videos uploaded to YouTube automatically go into Google’s search engine.  With video tending to rise to the top of search and with using the right keywords, your business can benefit greatly.

Eighteen months ago when Charles Smith put up his first pottery video that has since generated more than 37,000 unique visitors, he instinctively knew what he was doing by coming up with a gimmick. “YouTube viewers want to be entertained,” says Miller, who offers three categories of videos that generate traffic.

  • Informational videos. The Stone Brewery out of Escondido, Calif. sets a great example of this strategy. The little independent brewery has more than a dozen or so videos posted on YouTube featuring various behind-the-scenes tours of their operation led by Brewery owner, Greg Koch. It’s an engaging way to connect with the story of the brewery and thus, get interested in their beers. His videos generate typically between 1,500 and 2,000 visitors.
  • Educational videos. Charles Smith’s how-to instructional videos demonstrating his pottery wheel highlights this successful approach. “A lot of people come to YouTube wanting to learn something. They might run a search for ‘how to build a bookcase’, for example. So if you sell auto parts, you might put together a tutorial how to change your oil. The result is driving traffic from the video to your website,” says Miller.
  • Entertainment videos. One of the greatest successes of guerrilla marketing on YouTube would have to be Blendtec, based in Orem, Utah. Blendtec sells high end industrial strength blenders so strong they are touted to be able to blend just about anything. Their series of videos on YouTube — called “Will it blend” — are wildly popular with some of the pieces generating more than five million viewers. Each quirky piece features an attempt (almost always successful) to blend something both odd and tricky; like hockey pucks, an iPhone, glow sticks, marbles, even a rake handle.  Technology.com

Having your website return in the search engines is a combination of many things – but undoubtedly the most important is back links to your site.  You’ll receive a powerful one from YouTube when you post a video.

We’ll come and shoot a live video of your business store front, inside and if you aren’t camera shy, you!  And if you are, we’ll create power point slides with music, graphics, your logo and photos of you and your business designed to deliver your business message.

These are short videos, 1 to 3 minutes in length.  That’s how you begin to establish recognition and trust which leads to a conversation between new customers and you.

We’ll optimize your video with keywords and distribute through all major distribution channels.  You’ll be on You Tube highly visible for people searching in Miami and South Florida.  If you’d like your video to go further than that, just let us know.

Using online marketing videos is by far the quickest way to begin ranking in the search engines.  There are other methods that work just as well but take a bit longer.

Not sure what to say on your video?  Not to worry—we’ll write a script for you!

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