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SMS Text Marketing Campaign – Case Study 1200% Increase

A recent SMS text marketing campaign case study was conducted by Legends in Concert with locations in, Atlantic City, Branson, Foxwoods, St. Louise and Myrtle Beach is an amazing example of the power of short codes to grow a subscriber base and return on investment.

The case study lasted four months with one short code being used and five keywords. The objective was building an SMS subscriber database for Legends in Concert to provide offer and fan deals for future events.

The area targeted was Myrtle Beach, South Carolina that sees 15 million tourists visit annually.  The strategy was using unique keywords for each billboard and adding a coupon code to outgoing messages to measure overall converstion.

Legends purchased five billboard spaces in Myrtle Beach on major roads and highways encouraging any passerby to text one of the keywords to the short code to receive a special offer from Legends.

Each keyword related to the theme or graphic of the call to action. Legends used TextBoard’s patent-pending staggered delivery method to send a higher volume of messages to subscribers only while they were in the Myrtle Beach area on vacation.

Each day after subscribing to one of the keywords the automated system would send an alert suggesting the subscriber buy tickets. Each subsequent message provided a more aggressive offer similar to “Hurry, last chance offer.”


Legends walked away with two solid measurements for the SMS campaign. Legends built a subscriber base of 1600 members and it grows daily.

The conversion rate was measured for the campaign by using a unique coupon code within each text message. The combined 5 billboards provided an average 16 percent conversion rate of all subscribers resulting in roughly a 1,200 percent return on investment.

Additionally, with differentiating keywords being used per billboard, Legends was able to measure which billboard garnished the most subscribers and the highest conversion rate. Interestingly, the most expensive billboard had the lowest conversion rate of all.


Legends In Concert accomplished their goal to build a solid SMS subscriber database and to measure a previously immeasurable advertising medium. Legends will continue to market and retarget their current subscriber base and grow the list even more in 2011.

The campaign will be added to their Las Vegas, Branson and Foxwoods locations as well.

The power of MSM text campaigns cannot be understated.  Every local business should be encouraging clients and customers to subscribe to their list offering a gift or coupon to do so.  The key is marketing to this list respectively and without annoyance less subscribers leave.

Growing a subscriber base can be accomplished in a variety of ways.  Much like email marketing, the ability to communicate to your customers can turn a slow day into a prosperous one.

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