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Social Media Marketing for Business

Social media marketing is best defined as a transparent conversation.  Just as human beings have done for eons, our inherent need to communicate formed bonds in our local communities only those were face to face. As the internet entered mainstream, we were thrust into a technological world of communicating through computer screens.    For years, website owners hid behind screens rarely divulging their personal information.  In today”s world, social media crumbled the screen bringing authenticity to business marketing.

Today, business owners who grasp this tremendous opportunity to enter the limelight and reveal their services and products will know success in their communities – both online and local.

We have many clients that begin a social media strategy with a fairly consistent reaction to using Twitter, “it makes no sense to me–how can I get my message in 140 characters or less?”  Let’s define message.  If you had local contacts on Twitter and one afternoon you decided to have an impromptu sale, how much sense would it make if a short tweet increased that day’s revenue by 100%?

Let’s say you wanted to get the word out about an event you were holding and it turned into SRO (standing room only) would it make sense then?  Of course it would and that’s the power of Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to drive business to your door.

Social media is your opportunity to have a conversation with customers not to many many great friendships and networking opportunities that have formed from just typing 140 characters into a box.

People buy from people.  They buy from word of mouth referrals. Social media is about engaging in conversations that make you, the owner behind the business, real and either endearing or well, you know.  Let’s stay with endearing.

Social media for online local marketing is brilliant. It combines the best of both worlds as its fun to do and widens your circle of contacts. Once you get the hang of it, it takes very little time to write a well-meaning tweet.

Facebook and Linked-In are other great ways to mingle, connected and widen your circle. It’s about relating and letting people know who you are and what you have.  Had these powerful formats been available when my stores were open in the 90’s, reaching out would have been magically easy.

We understand social media marketing is yet another thing you are suppose to learn to market your business in today’s technological world. And we know adding another “thing to do” to your over-flowing list filled list is not very appealing.

That’s why we’ve designed social media marketing for business packages for businesses of all sizes. We’ll implement the plan while giving you guidance in how to use social media to engage your customers.

You’ll soon see it becomes fun and rewarding to begin the conversation that leads to success and friendships.

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