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a Stampede of Business to Your Door…!

The web and mobile phone meet bringing tremendous new opportunities for local businesses. Our two most powerful strategies, Mobile Phone texting and Google Places Pages will bring a stampede to your door.

Mobile Phone Text Strategies…

  • We give your business a keyword customers text to receive your specials.  For example, Express Bagels text keyword might be ‘express’ or ‘bagel.
  • By using FUN displays and barcodes in your business (tabletops, customer receipts, shoppers bags) offering your customers a special for joining, your list grows quickly.  We’ll show your staff how to make this fun for your customers.
  • Now you have a list and it grows every day. Want to run a sale or special? Free Dessert? Two for One? Special Event? 20% Sale?   TEXT IT!
  • Do you schedule appointments?  Your customers will love you for making their lives easier when we text your reminders!
  • Many businesses are under the mistaken impression texting customers might be annoying.  Are you annoyed when you receive a coupon or special?  I doubt anyone is.  Our experience with mobile marketing shows one text a week (and more for an event) is the magic number for engaging customers without risking annoyance.  Your text messages must provide value!

The possibilities for increasing revenue and expanding your reach, turning customers into loyal fans with mobile texting are endless.  When combined with internet strategies, your business will experience a fun and exciting transformation.   

Internet Strategies…this is huge….

Last November Google unveiled a new Business Page listing known as Places Pages for local business. It’s not just a page but a mini website (with terms). If your new Google Places Page listing has reviews and citations  your business will be shown a LOT.  If not, your competition will.

  • Why? Because Google FAVORS businesses with happy customers and that’s how we prove it. It’s pretty clear – the business with the most reviews and citations is the one shown to people searching.
  • Don’t fear asking your customers for reviews!  You’ll be surprised how many want to help. We show your staff how to ask customers the right way!
  • We provide FUN comment cards customers can write by hand.  Then we upload your handwritten reviews to the web. Don’t send customers away hoping they add a review for you—they mean to yet 95% don’t. Make it easy for them and they will!
  • Citations – we’ll list your business in 200 citation directories – you’ll soar!

We complete your Places Page with photos and a video or two, instruct your staff in collecting reviews, provide fun comment cards and upload your reviews to the internet.  We’ll list your business in 200 citation directories and manage your listings and reviews – the right way!

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