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Website Design SEO Strategies and Packages

Web Marketing Miami’s website SEO packages and strategies will make your internet presence soar.  Because we understand the importance of search engine optimization to every site launched, our packages include keyword research and competitive analysis that ensures your website will launch optimized to speak the language of search engines.

We’ll design and create your website and optimize it for SEO.  All our websites receive the following list of features:

* Install Word Press with all necessary database tables, database users, and permissions.

* Business Emails established through your website domain and forwarded to your desired location.

* Anti-spam measures including filtering and captcha protection (if desired)

* Comment and contact spam filtering

* Captcha protection

* Word Press security measures including site directories, configuring files, blacklists and security filters that block malicious access

* Blacklisting malicious sites that attempt to harm your wordpress installation

* Access filtering to prevent unexpected attacks on your site

* Tools that enable quick notification of broken links, to view tracking data and automated site backups.

* Integrated contact forms

* Mobile compatibility – your desktop site is tested across mobile platforms.

* Optimizing speed – through server adjustments, caching and optimizing images, your site will load as quickly as possible.

* Socially enable your site – integration of Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms and feeds as you request.

* RSS feed integration

* Automated linking – your pages will offer users links to similar content without extra time on your part.

* Google Site Maps – ensures your site can be properly found by search engines.

* Custom robots.txt, which controls what parts of your site are blocked to search engines, preventing confusion or poor link structure.

* Cannonicalization – your site properly indexed without duplicated content between www and non-www version of the domain name.

* Link redirection analysis – preventing dead links or outdated links from your previous site from going nowhere.

* Blog “Ping” optimization – the careful configuration of this feature ensures pinging without over-exposure or penalizing.

* Website tags completed based on keyword research.

* Google Analytics

* Google Webmaster Tools

* Keyword Research

* Competitor Analysis

If you have an existing site and wish to begin an SEO marketing plan, we will first review your site to determine why it is being held back. Our review includes the above list and website architecture, tags, content and thorough keyword research. Our analysis will determine keywords that will produce the best results for your business and industry. Once that is completed, we will create an SEO marketing plan that brings visibility and traffic your business needs to grow.

The needs of every client is different which is why we tailor packages based on your business goals, existing marketing plan, website or lack thereof and objectives.  That’s why we offer a free consultation so we can assess what you  need.  Call us at (305) 407-9443 or contact Web Marketing Miami here.

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